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RFP Questions and Responses:
  1. Verifying that due to school district current budget no installation and configuration of devices is requested, based off: “**Installation and Configuration May NOT be utilized due to District Available Budget”?  We would like a proposal for installation and configuration to be included as a separate item on the bid, in the event that the district is not able to include it. 
  2. King City High School Switches Line# 3.6 & 3.7 have same Aruba 6400 24p SFP+ 4SFP56 Mod R0X43A    1 is that correct?   1 is correct
  3. Will any of the switches requested in RFP be on Aruba Central or require licenses, if yes would School District like term options  and tier level (1yr, 3yr, 5yr)?  1 year licenses
  4. 1a) What challenges are you experiencing in your current environment that you would like to see resolved or improved?  Slow network performance  

  5.  What are the desired characteristics of the new network? The main desired characteristic is increased capacity

  6. In general, what is the age of the current switching infrastructure? What types of models are currently in place? Most of the current switching infrastructure is approximately 3 to 5 years old.  We have a majority of HP 2940 switches

  7. Is the intent of this RFP to replace all existing switches to the listed quantities on the RFP (full switch replacement for all schools and district office)? The intent is to replace all switches at all schools and the district office

  8. If any other existing switches would be retained under this scenario, could you please list them, to better understand your network? No switches will be retained

  9.  How do various closets connect to one another? Is there any fiber capable of 1G / 10G / 25G, etc? There is 10G fiber connecting the various closets

  10.  King City High School specifies 30 LR optics in the IDFs but only 14 for the MDF. Should the MDF J9151E part number be 30 instead of 14 for King City? The quantity should be 30

  11. Is it district policy / best practice to invite finalists for final in-person or virtual evaluations for most RFPs across various business lines, especially for large projects? Would this be considered for this project as well? The district is not planning to invite finalists for final in-person or virtual evaluations