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Microsoft Teams Resources for Staff, Students, and Families

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Simultaneous/Concurrent Teaching 

The series below was created by Matthew Hains to assist teachers at his school as they moved into concurrent/simultaneous teaching.  He is a Computer Applications Technology teacher in secondary schools. He is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and was a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow in 2019. He made the series available on his website

Introduction: What is concurrent/simultaneous teaching?

Lessons 1-9

Lesson 1.

Lesson 2.

Lesson 3.

Lesson 4.

Lesson 5.

Lesson 6.

Lesson 7.

Lesson 8.

Lesson 9.


Remote Learning Webinar Series 


Staff Resources: 

Microsoft Teams for Education Quick Start Guide 


Scheduling class meetings 


Creating separate Teams for each class 


Post and collect assignments on Teams (quizzes) 


Setting up breakout rooms on Teams 


Record lessons on Teams and PowerPoint 


Share screens in Teams 


Communicate via Teams 


Student Resources: 

Upload an assignment 


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Visión general 


Comunicarse a través de los equipos